The platform for managing corporate biodiversity impact

Leeana helps you to identify your biodiversity footprint, reduce your impact and report on biodiversity frameworks and regulation

Cover all your data-related biodiversity needs


Get insights into your corporate nature footprint using scientific biodiversity data


Manage your locations globally and set goals to become nature positive


Identify your exposure to nature loss and report in line with biodiversity regulation

Sites & locations

Efficiently manage all relevant sites for your business, including operational locations and those of suppliers

Biomes & habitats

Evaluate your specific locations against scientifically backed habitat and biome data

Biodiversity metrics

Assess the biodiversity performance of your locations and gain an understanding of where action is needed

Prioritise & report

Define high risk and impact locations, devise mitigation strategies and disclose results in accordance with upcoming global standards

Our product at a glance

Biodiversity made simple

Start your biodiversity journey today with ease using our intuitive platform. It's designed to be simple to use whether you're an expert or this is your first touchpoint with corporate biodiversity. Measure, unearth insights and align with global standards, all in one place.

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Get access to the data you need for complying with current biodiversity frameworks and regulation

Reduce risk

Manage risks to your operations, supply chains, and long-term business sustainability


High resolution nature data for your worldwide locations within minutes, not weeks

Enhance reputation

Showcase your dedication to environmental responsibility on your journey to become nature-positive


Which data is required to use the Leeana platform?

We strive to keep the initial data you need to provide as lean as possible. As biodiversity happens on local level, the most important data point is the location of your locations. These can be your own locations, but also the locations of your suppliers. Furthermore, you need to provide some high-level information about the site such as which industry it operates in. Finally, in order to conduct the impact and dependency assessment, you can provide some more detailed information about what happens at the location (e.g. fishing or mining).  

Which datasets does Leeana rely on?

Leeana uses a multitude of various datasets across various dimensions. For the initial state of nature assessment and the impact and dependency materiality analysis, we rely on publicly available datasets from renowned entities such a the WRI or the UN. The high-resolution and near real-time insights you need for monitoring and goal setting, are based on satellite data from ESA and NASA. You can get access to the full methodology by speaking to us.

Can I integrate my own nature data?

Sure! As we see Leeana as your corporate biodiversity cockpit, we understand that you want to have all of your biodiversity data under one roof. Therefore we are developing modules to upload data from other providers (e.g. IBAT) and also will be working with selected partners for a seamless integration of additional remote sensing data (e.g. bio-acoustics and eDNA)

How can I add site locations?

You have several options to add locations to the Leeana platform. First you can manually choose a location on the map by either searching for it or finding it on map. Here you can specify an exact shape or guess the rough size of the site. Second, you can quickly bulk add dozens of sites. Finally you can also use our simple .csv templates to upload hundreds or thousands of sites at once.

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