biodiversity platform for nature-related action

Start your journey to a nature positive future leveraging Leeana’s technology to measure, disclose and mitigate your biodiversity risks and impact


Support efforts to preserve and protect our planet's natural resources.

Risk mitigation

Manage potential risks to your operations, supply chains, and long-term sustainability


Adhere to regulatory requirements and uphold upcoming laws and standards


Showcase your dedication to environmental responsibility, enhancing your reputation

Unified Solution

Integrated biodiversity platform

Unlike the global climate crisis, the impact of biodiversity is unique to each location. To effectively address this issue, companies and financial institutions require access to high-quality, scientific, and geo-spatial data for their operating sites. The Leeana platform streamlines this process, guiding you through the vast amounts of available biodiversity data.

How it works

Our four-step approach will help your organisation understand, measure, and disclose your impacts and risks, and align them with relevant reporting frameworks and standards such as the TNFD or SBTN, all within one easy-to-use platform.

Sites & locations

Efficiently manage all relevant sites for your business, including operational locations and those of suppliers

Biomes & habitats

Evaluate your specific locations against scientifically backed habitat and biome data

Biodiversity metrics

Assess the biodiversity performance of your locations and gain an understanding of where action is needed

Prioritise & report

Define high risk and impact locations, devise mitigation strategies and disclose results in accordance with upcoming global standards

Our product at a glance

Biodiversity made simple

Start your biodiversity journey today with ease using our intuitive platform. It's designed to be simple to use whether you're an expert or this is your first touchpoint with corporate biodiversity. Measure, unearth insights, devise mitigation strategies, and align with global standards, all in one place.

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About us

Our team

Leeana was founded in January 2023 by Lewis and Denis, who have a long-standing and successful working relationship that spans over 10 years. Most recently, they spent several years working together at one of Europe's leading digital consultancies and further have strong backgrounds in tech, product, growth and leadership with time at top tech companies such as N26 and PayPal. They have now joined forces to help businesses address one of the most significant challenges of our time.

Positive change for nature

At Leeana, we are using tech to drive positive change for nature. Our mission is to help organisations understand and mitigate their impact on biodiversity through our software solution. By providing insights and tools to measure risk and impact, we empower companies to take action and make a real difference in protecting and restoring the natural world.

Lewis Pierson
Denis Frischmann

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